Category: Engagement Strategies

I get asked a few questions over and over again during my speaking engagements and workshops. I thought I would use gBehavior's corporate blog to address some of these questions, and offer ideas for solutions.

The first question on everyone's mind: how do I recover the cost of my program, and reduce future costs related to the healthy of my employees:

Wellness engagement programs are now considered a significant corporate strategy, and are widely used by corporations of all sizes. Hardly anyone disputes the fact that benefits of a wellness program show up and grow over time. However, despite their popularity, most employers and industry experts agree that these programs are not reaching either the expected participation rate or the anticipated financial return. Many studies indicate that it may take as much as 3-5 years to experience a measurable financial impact, while decision makers are demanding a reduction in real medical claims costs.

Based on my years of experience in employee engagement, I know there are some new entrants as well as some proven components of program design, that can ensure your wellness programs begin managing direct costs within the first six months, and potentially reach a cost-neutral status by the end of the second year.

If you would like to know more, please click here to download my whitepaper, Challenging the Corporate Wellness ROI Myth.