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I recently read a Thought Leadership Study by Asset International titled "2014 Healthcare Outlook: The Impact of Reform and Employee Benefits Programs on Perception, Costs and Workforce Health and Wellness". The study was sponsored by Active Health Management and examines key findings and insights gained from a research survey of 970 employers, representing organizations across all workforce sizes and industries in the US.

A summary of the results of the study states, "It is clear from this study that there is a great need to focus on employee wellness, on the part of the employer as well as employees themselves. With healthcare costs rising and a significant shift of financial responsibility to employees, now is the time for individuals to become custodians of their own health to ensure their quality of life and to reduce and save on healthcare costs. Certainly cost concerns are going to be a barrier to entry for employers to consider a health and wellness program; however such costs can be offset by cost savings elsewhere when overall employee health is improved."

The study shows that the employer goals for health and wellness programs center around two main components: employee wellness - 70%
and cost savings - 47%.